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Surviving The First Year of Business

As a self employed person I’ve planned my finances, my work schedule, my marketing and even all my social media. The one thing I didn’t plan was my self care. It didn’t even occur to me to plan in a rest.

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Care If Nobody Comments On Your Blogs

What is the goal of your blog? Is it to build your credibility, drive traffic to your website, build a passive relationship with your prospective clients or is it to get lots of comments? Stay focused on the long-term strategic goals of your blog and don’t get caught up on the performance of each and every post.

The Rise And Fall Of Katie Hopkins: Integrity Vs Fame

I’m not for one moment suggesting that I have the platform or the immense public audience Hopkins once enjoyed, but I will not write about or be responsible for spreading negative and worthless material. I will always champion and promote constructive and positive content which provides value to the people who read it.

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