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Promoting your business on social media can feel relentless, demoralising and like a huge waste of time

Imagine if you had a clear message, knew exactly what you wanted to say and what your audience wanted to hear every single time you posted? 


The Social Media Mastermind is the ONLY membership that gives every single member direct feedback on their social media content.

PAY £200 A MONTH OR £2400 a year 

Many entrepreneurs feel like their social media is very hit and miss.  They’re not sure what they’re meant to be saying to win new clients.  The whole thing feels confusing and hard.  Throw in a few gurus promising to show you “THE SECRET” to marketing,  you don’t know which way to turn. 

The truth is there is NO secret.  There is no magic code to writing copy that sells.  You simply need to understand who your audience is, what they want and then communicate what you do in clear and friendly way. 

In the Social Media Mastermind our focus is on teaching you everything you need to know to create effective marketing copy……’s what happens in the Mastermind; 


Build your audience and make more sales

Writing better content attracts better clients. You don’t need more clients, you need the RIGHT clients.  You will learn how to attract clients who understand the value of your services. They see your services as an investment and not a cost. You will attract them by learning how to create laser focussed content. 


Writing content feels easier

You will learn the basic principles of copywriting and be able to apply these skills to all your content, not just your social media.  You will learn neat tricks that will make your copy more effective and faster to write.  You’re a busy person, less time on socials means more time doing stuff you actually enjoy.    


Less frustrating sales conversations

Theres nothing worse than having a conversation with a potential client only to be ghosted. With a clear understanding of your ideal client and my help creating messages that will connect and resonate with them, those conversations won’t happen so often. I’ll teach you how to create a clear and compelling offer so that when they land in your inbox, they’re ready to say “YES”.


More time to focus on you.

Confidence comes with practice.  Nobody is an expert at everything and you’ll be surprised at how m much there is to learn.  But the best person to talk about your business is you.  With regular coaching and personalised feedback on your content your written marketing skills will improve every single week. 

How does it work?

This membership has been designed to make it easy for all members to get results. 

This is NOT a course.  When you join the membership you have instant access to a wide range of resources including launch guides, ideal client exercises and content planning templates. 

Weekly coaching calls mean that you can discuss any problems you might be having straight away.

Weekly content reviews are a confident boost and give you a nudge in the right direction so you can start attracting leads straight away. 

Your social media content has the potential to add thousands of pounds to your profits every single month. If you can commit 2 hours a month to work on your business you are going to vastly improve your chances of reaching your big financial goals. 

Before you think about joining here are some important points you need to take note of……….


It’s not a course.  You haven’t missed anything if you join now.  All the workshops are repeated on a three monthly rolling basis.  You can’t fall behind. You always get the opportunity to repeat what you missed.


You take what you need.  If you need a coaching call, show up to that.  If you just want your content looking at, submit that.  The social media mastermind isn’t about me, it’s about you.  Your business, your content and your priorities.


There is NO TIE IN. You can cancel any time you like.  The longer you stay the more you learn but if it’s not right for you then you can cancel your subscription at any time.


You won’t learn by osmosis and you won’t get results without action and implementation. All calls are recorded, so if you can’t make the live sessions, you will always be able to catch up. 


Getting better at social media marketing means you will make more money. 


I know what I’m talking about.   I don’t boost posts.  I don’t pay for ads.  I post the right content, consistently and I can show you how to do the same. 


Don’t join if you don’t want to use social media to promote your business. You have to actually post the content you write if you want results. 

Read what other people are saying about the Social Media Mastermind.

I joined the Social Media Marketing Mastermind because I wanted to hone and be more confident in my voice and get better and quicker at writing bold, hard hitting, content. I want to attract more of my ideal clients.

I felt frustrated I couldn’t express what’s in my head and the value I know I offer to my clients as clearly as I wanted.

I’m only 5 weeks in and my resistance to sitting down and writing is definitely shifting.  I’ve got this new feeling of excitement about it! I’d say it’s because I have more clarity.

I especially found the Content Writing Workshop really helpful. The concepts Clair’s developed over her years of experience really freed up my creative thinking.

I’d previously done some ideal client work yet the workshop here really helped me hone this for deeper insight and clarity .

It’s great to connect with a dynamic group of business owners who have similar objectives and struggles. Clair’s edgy, fun, direct and no holds barred approach is challenging and brilliant. I love it and can’t wait for the coming weeks to see how my writing evolves with my focus and Clair’s accountability.

If you have a desire to expand your writing skill and attract more of your tribe, Clair’s Mastermind group is definitely worth the investment.

If you’re willing to push the boundaries on your comfort zone, you’ll see your potential grow exponentially.

Becky Speculo

Rebecca Speculo Kitchen Design

I already knew I could create decent content before joining the mastermind – the problem for me was doing that consistently. And with shifts in my business, I needed to create more than I used to.

I knew Clair was brilliant at helping people with their content, so the chance to have her eyes on it before I post was brilliant.

Not only have I been more consistent with my posts, I’ve managed to create different content for different platforms. And it’s felt so much easier than I anticipated.

Clair’s review sessions are brilliant – hearing her explain how to improve posts, or how to repurpose blogs to create social media posts means questions I didn’t know I had have been answered.

Add to that a brilliant vibe and great people in the community and it has way over delivered on what I expected.

Clair is a genius and I would urge anyone thinking about it to take the plunge and join the mastermind. As long as you commit, you’ll more than get your money’s worth

Jackie Jagger

Leadership Coaching

On top of everything else Clair offers in the mastermind, she also runs deep-dive training workshops for specific copywriting & social media topics.

The content of these workshops could be offered on their own for more than the price of the mastermind. And yet they’re bundled together because what Clair cares about more than anything else in the group is to make everyone successful.

Truly, she’s a diamond, and her mastermind is a jewel in her crown.

Chris Gardener

Investor & Mentor

Writing content alone, I always wanted to ask someone what they thought or how I should approach something. Also just getting general feedback. I can write content but it doesn’t come naturally and I knew someone else could make some tweaks and massively improve my writing. 

I’d been following/stalking Clair for a while and loved her writing. I also loved her down to earth realness and I know she was the person I wanted to support me.

I also was at a point of growth in my business and it felt much more efficient to get help than keep fumbling along.

I haven’t even fully engaged yet but knowing that Clair has got her eye on us makes me do my writing. I also know that my work will get reviewed which stops me from procrastinating. Also having a group to ask helps me not get stuck.

I’m about to launch my own membership for the 2nd time and I feel like I’m supported and I don’t feel stressed about writing content, I know I can get help. I also feel like I’m being more realistic about my own capabilities and that I will learn and get better, old me would be getting myself up.

Clair is knowledgeable, kind & caring but she also pushes us to grow.

If you want to join a supportive community that will benefit you and your business and help you become your own best copywriter get in here!

Another thing I love. There’s no pressure. I feel I can dip in as much or as little as I need to.

Maria Watson

Task, Process and Project Manager


£200 A MONTH

OR £2400 A YEAR

Only 10 Spaces Available




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