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If you’re a coach, mentor or consultant and you’re struggling to attract the right clients… then you’re in the right place.  

Because if you fix your messaging and your marketing then you’ll start attracting more of your dream clients.

Now when I say “dream clients” I don’t mean you running through fields holding hands with them or making each other flower chains to wear in your hair.

No, your dream clients are the ones who pay on time, are committed to doing the work, trust your methods and don’t ask for discounts because they understand the value of the work they’re doing with you. 

And it’s those types of dream clients I can help you attract.

I work with my clients to make sure that their content is doing what it’s meant to – growing your audience, generating leads and getting the people already in your world warmed up and ready to buy. 

This isn’t just about social media marketing either.  This is about making sure that your messaging is optimised on every single channel, your website, your blogs, your social media content AND your emails. I help you to refine the messaging and create the strategy. 

If your content isn’t making you money…..

… I’m Clair Stevenson, and I want to talk to YOU.

But be aware — I’m not like the hoards of other copywriters who measure their success based on engagement, likes and comments.  I’m here to help you build an audience you can sell to.  I’m into cash in the bank, not factors that are beyond my control.

I help you to understand what your potential clients want to read and turn that into a message that compels them to get in touch with you.  I’m not interested in creating content that some random Joe or Joanne on LinkedIn will give you a thumbs up for. I’m down to earth, my sense of humour is akin to that of a twelve year old boy (expect fart jokes) I swear like a trooper and I expect you to work as hard on your content as I will for you.

When it comes to your marketing, I’m going to be the best friend you never had.  However you decide to work with me, I’m in the trenches with you every single step of the way.  This is a fully collaborative relationship.  I consider it my mission in life to help you find your voice and promote your business bravely and loudly. 

You should also know that I don’t do any form of paid ad work. If you want help with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ads I won’t be able to help you.  All the content that I create and help you create is 100% organic. 

Want to book a call? Fill in the contact form below and lets start talking……. 

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