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Confidence & Social Media Marketing Skills For Small Business Owners

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Skills and confidence go hand in hand. If you are lacking skills then you doubt your own ability, you shy away from marketing and talk about your business less. When you know that you can do what you say you can do you feel more confident, you feel more comfortable putting yourself out there.

But what happens when you’ve got the skills but not the self belief? When you know you have something good to offer but you still struggle to talk about it or promote it?

That’s where The Confidence Club comes in.

A 12 week Confidence & Social Media Marketing programme for small business owners

Starts Wednesday 12th January 2022

Confused about how to talk about your business online?

Overwhelmed with everything you’ve already got to do in your business?

Crippled by self doubt and fear of judgement from others?

You ain’t the only one.

Entrepreneurship is challenging.

What I’ve learned as a copywriting and marketing mentor is that I can give you all the writing skills and all the post ideas in the world but it counts for nothing if you can’t bring yourself to post it.

Maybe you already know what to say, you just hate social media.

The thought of having to show up and be the face of your business gives you chills.

Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by all the advice and all the experts and because you’re being told to do a million different things you don’t do anything.

So what happens if you need to make money but you struggle with social?

You feel worse. Your confidence sags even more. And you end up in a cycle of feeling desperate and not good enough which makes it even harder to show up online.

“If you can’t quite figure out what it is that stops you from consistently creating content and showing up on your social media then this course could just be the key to understanding and changing that! I’ve learned a lot about my own blocks and hesitations around social media and Clair has taught a way of simplifying planning as well which feels achievable and less daunting”

The Confidence Club will help you make your business a success. Because you can’t be a secret and a success. 


Weekly coaching to get really clear on what you want, what you don’t want and what you need to put in place to achieve your goals.


Learning materials and templates to support your marketing


Immediately implementable practical tools to help you start showing up from Week One.

Workbooks to help you get clear on and organise your thoughts

Using a blend of marketing experience, copywriting techniques and my NLP training I’m going to help ten business owners who want to be more visible and a bit braver on social media in 2022.

This is a 12 week mentoring/ coaching programme with the ultimate goal of building your confidence in your skills and your messaging so that you can promote your business.

You will learn how to;


  • Set realistic goals that get you excited about your business
  • Get clear on what is you holding back from promoting your business successfully and how to overcome these challenges and obstacles
  • Get clarity on your messaging – who are you talking to and what should you be talking about
  • Get confident about promoting your business online
  • Create a social media strategy that is realistic and sustainable for you

Starts Wednesday 12th January 2022

“If you, when you really look deep inside, know that it is *you* holding yourself back from your business, taking the next step from side hustle to successful or from hustle to ease and you are ready to step up and take responsibility for the way that you design and live your life and business, join The Confidence Club. Clair is a mix of clarity, compassion, tough love and cutting to the centre of things – it’s a good combo.”

The cost of the programme is £888 and there are 4 payment plans available

Pay in full £888

Spread the cost over two months £444 per month

Spread the cost over three months £296 per month

Spread the cost over four months £222 per month

Bonus 1 – first 3 people to register receive a free 60 minute 121 session (worth £300)


Bonus 2- pay in full and receive 3 months free membership to the Social Media Mastermind (worth £600)

The Confidence Club has a four step process…….

1. Choose your goal, decide your mini targets

2. Know what makes you feel nervous and afraid, know what makes you feel powerful and strong

3. Create a clear message, know what you’re going to say and when

4. Make a plan. Something you can stick to and that feels like fun.

“Do it if you’re not clear or consistent with your messaging”

In my experience confidence is always at its peak when I feel like I know what I’m doing.

When I’ve got a vision.

When I know my purpose.

When I have a plan.

And when I feel like I can do all the little jobs that get me closer to my goal.

That’s what The Confidence Club is for.

Don’t wait until you feel confident enough to start talking about your business.

Here’s what the beta testers said about The Confidence Club……..

I understood that it’s less about my confidence and actually about making it more fun for me – having a plan has helped and I “get” what I’m trying to do more

I am ridiculously clear on my mission and my messaging. I’m genuinely more confident than ever

“I absolutely love the no bullshit way you teach, you have a way of making people feel capable and at ease, and have a way of explaining things so they are fully understandable. I’m really looking forward to the 12 week course”

Looking at my capabilities and really breaking down my beliefs I had about myself, you reframed everything so well, this part of the course had the biggest impact on my confidence

Everything I do with you has an impact for my business and confidence in Creating content but I feel the smaller group setting and coaching helped particularly with the NLP aspects added in too

I am more willing to say what I think on social media and care less about what people might think. I’m beginning to believe that it’s okay to nail your mast to a particular cause/viewpoint and know that it isn’t alienating potential good clients. It’s repelling crap ones, which is a good thing.

Starts Wednesday 12th January 2022

“I absolutely love the no bullshit way you teach, you have a way of making people feel capable and at ease, and have a way of explaining things so they are fully understandable. I’m really looking forward to the 12 week course”

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