Magnetise Your Social Media

Nail your message in 4 weeks

Spend less time on social media by learning how to create social media posts that push your prospective clients buttons.

Fed up of spending hours on social media churning out loads of content but not getting any return on it?

I understand your desire to create a successful business and know you value the role your content has to play in creating that success. Creating content is hard work and tumbleweeds on your posts is frustrating.

I started my business two years with the intention of helping small businesses become more visible across social media and ultimately become more profitable.

I’ve loved it. I have helped people grow their online presence and increase their revenue.

I’ve written social media content for lots of businesses and have a core client group who have kept me in work for the entire two years. I’ve written lead magnets, blogs, sales pages, and email sequences.

But, I feel like I’ve been working with one arm tied behind my back all this time.

While I’ve helped people make money I could have done more.

You see when I’m writing for someone else I’m constrained. I’m held back. I’m promoting their services for them but it’s not my business. It’s not my baby, it’s theirs.

It’s my words in their mouths. I have a few clients who let me write their content as if we’re my own but the real power of content comes from YOU, THE BUSINESS OWNER.

You are the best person to sell your business. It’s personal. It’s YOUR story.

I’ve decided to stop offering a “done for you service” altogether. I’m going to focus on delivering what I do best – teaching you how to TELL and SELL your own story.

I will be working with business and lifestyle coaches who want to spend less time stressing over what to write on social media.

I’ll be helping these amazing businesses create regular 6 figure months by getting inside the head of their prospective clients and nailing their message over and over again.

No more motivational quotes, no more downloading social media planners.

Line by line, word by word I’m going to show you how to be your own best content creator.

Is that you?

Do you resonate with any of the following?


“I’m rubbish at writing content”


“I write loads but I don’t always know what to write or if its the right thing”


“I’m not sure who my target audience is and what they would find most useful”


“I don’t know what my audience needs to hear”


“I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over again, I don’t know how to vary my message so it sounds different”


“I cant get my tone of voice right, I’m afraid I sound too formal or too unprofessional – I can’t find the right note”


“I waffle.  I struggle to explain what problem I solve for my clients”


“I always feel like I’m selling and selling feels hard”


“Creating content feels like a never ending job that takes so long.  I’d love to know how to do it quicker”

I will help you create purposeful content to attract your ideal clients. I will teach you how to understand what motivates your prospective clients to buy and what they need to hear from you to help them make that decision.

You will spend less time creating social media content and generate more leads using my method of content creation, empathy selling.

Content creation is designed to generate more leads which you can then convert into sales. Writing copy requires time and effort so naturally you want to see a financial return. I can help.

Who is this program for?

This program is for business mentors/ coaches and lifestyle coaches. You are already working with clients and have feedback/ testimonials that demonstrate the results that you achieve with them. You are currently hitting between £3,000 to £5,000 a month but want to create consistency and financial security in your business.

You know what you want to work with but your ideal client needs refining. You have an offer but you aren’t sure how to pitch this to your client. You are committed to learning and implementing the methods that I will teach you and most importantly you are friendly and dedicated to helping other people.

The program

Pre – program – Prior to our first call I will review the content you are currently putting out. You will get feedback on this in our first session.
Week 1
Where are you now. What’s working, and what’s not working. Your content strategy. Assignment 1.
Week 2
Your Ideal client. This week we really drill down into your client. Assignment 2.
Week 3
Refining your offer and packaging up in a way that makes it irresistible to your ideal client. Assignment 3.
Week 4
Finding the words. Using their language to create your offer. Assignment 4.

**Bonus Week**

Week 5 – Your content strategy. This week we are pulling everything together and making sure that you have a robust content plan going forward. By this point you will have created a clear offer, you will have a thorough understanding of the language your ideal clients use and respond to and you will know exactly what they need help with. This week we design a medium to long term posting plan.


How the program works


We will have weekly 1:2:1 sessions over Zoom either on a Tuesday or a Thursday 


I will review your assignments and give you feedback


You can get in touch with me between sessions over Whatsapp if you have any ideas or questions that you would like to discuss. I will usually respond within 24 hours. 


Line by line feedback on your content and discussion around the why and the how.  This is a learning process.  Understanding how and why we create content in this way is critical to your ongoing success.

Cost & Payment Plan

  • £3000 paid in full or 2 x £1750
  • I have room for 3 clients per month
  • This program is designed to get you spending less time on social media. £3000 is not an insignificant investment. With a clear message that resonates with your ideal client you should expect to see a return on your investment in 3-6 months, depending on how effectively you implement what I teach you.


Next steps

If you would like to work with me answer the questions below and PM them to me on Facebook or Linkedin or email them to

  1. What type of coaching/ mentoring do you offer?
  2. What are the types of results that you achieve for your clients?
  3. What is your average monthly income? What is your target monthly income?
  4. How often do you currently post and where?
  5. What is your preferred social media platform?
  6. What is your biggest struggle when it comes to creating content?

Once you’ve answered the questions and I think we could work well together I’ll invite you to jump on a quick call to answer any of your questions – or I’ll send you a link to the sign up page!

Once you’ve signed up I’ll send you the link to book your first session – it’s as simple and as fast as that! If you’re not ready but you want to be added to my keep in touch email list, let me know and then you’ll be the first to hear about any offers or new services.

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