Magnetise Your Social Media

Master your message in 12 weeks

Do you think your content is pretty decent but it’s not generating the amount of leads you’d ideally want?

That’s the number one reason my clients work with me.

Their content isn’t doing what they want it to do.

It’s relatively easy to solve.

Helping people with their content marketing has been my bread & butter for the last three years but I recently realised the missing piece was the strategy.

It’s great teaching people how to identify and attract their ideal clients. It’s awesome teaching people how to write gripping content. But once you’ve learned those skills, what do you do with them?

Go out and vomit them all over social media?

I’ve designed a 121 mentoring programme to work on your entire marketing from end to end. Ideal client, messaging and strategy.

Are you serious about your business and have decided no more winging it?
Do you want targeted messaging and a structured marketing plan?
Do you have a course or programme you want to fill three or four times a year without the heavy energy demand that goes with launching? 

With this level of support we can pre- plan all your content and map out an entire launch strategy so that you can do it on autopilot. 

Whether you want to start or grow a membership, growing your 121 or launching a new course you need a plan to get there.  

Mentoring is £2k and includes 12 x 45 minute sessions and unlimited (within reason) WhatsApp  support between sessions. 

If you’re a coach, mentor or service based business book, a call if you’d like to talk. 

My 121 is only as good as your desire to succeed and your willingness to put in the work. 

It’s NOT for silver bullet seekers. There are no 12 week transformation promises here. This is marketing methodology, processes and implementation. 

This is for you if………

You need help turning your content into cash

Your content isn’t turning into leads or clients 

You’re ready to be more visible than you ever been and uplevel your income

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