Are you frustrated at how slowly your business is growing?

Some months have you still got more month than money?

Did you think you had it sorted but suddenly you find yourself back in a feast and famine situation?

The truth is you can’t rely on social media to sell consistently. You can’t rely on social media to grow your business. You can’t rely on it for anything because at any moment your reach could be reduced, you account suspended or the platform could suffer a critical issue.

What if Facebook went down in the middle of a launch? What if you had 24 hours left to promote an offer that meant the difference between paying the bills and not and you got a LinkedIn or Facebook ban.

To create sustainable and consistent income in your business you have to be organised.  You have to have a marketing strategy that spans multiple platforms. Email, social media, blogging and your website.

You will only hit your financial goals if you take action and get organised.

Your success will depend on your willingness to learn the skills and allocate the time to planning. Yes you’ve got to do some actual work in your business but you need to plan it all out too.

There are two things you absolutely must have nailed in order to create consistent revenue;

  1. Consistency

To create a consistent income you need to do consistent marketing

  • What is your product or service and who is it for?
  • How do you know that they need it?
  • What is your message?
  • Where are you talking to them?
  • How often are you getting your message out there?
  1. Mindset

You need to build a message and get that message out, repeatedly.  A big part of your marketing is telling people how good you are.  That doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people.  They don’t want to come off as over confident, cocky or obnoxious.  Thats not what we’re talking about here.  What we are referring to is confidence and positioning.  Having solid faith in your ability to deliver a service, knowing right down to your boots that what you do solves problems and having the courage and resilience to talk about your business over and over again.

Marketing & Mindset Made Easy has been designed specifically to make it easier for business owners like you take control of their growth and profit.

We are going to help you figure out what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, where you’re selling it and how you’re selling it.

We’re also going to show you how to create a plan so you’re not constantly firefighting.

If you want to get organised and start making more money now is the time.

Hannah Isted and I have decided to collaborate to help you end the year strong. This is a time limited offer and this course may be a one off, depending on demand. If you want to save a considerable amount of money and take advantage of our joint resources you should seriously consider taking part in this 6 week course.

We have handpicked our most popular and successful teachings and combined them to bring you Marketing & Mindset Made Easy.

If you were to buy these workshops individually you would be looking at over £2000 for the resources, time and support. For a limited time this course is available to you for £750. You can pay that in one instalment or two. We’ve also decided not to penalise those who want to spread the cost so whether you decide to pay in one instalment or two the price is still £750.

If you take your business seriously, you have to take marketing seriously too. But that doesn’t mean our course will be serious and boring, er hello have you even met us? We don’t do boring.

In return for your investment and your time, you will get a lively and engaging course. You will be able to start implementing what you learn immediately and start making a difference in your business from Week one.

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve got any questions about the course or how it’s delivered you can email me at and I’ll get straight back to you. 

In the meantime here’s the link to register your place right now click here if you want us to rock your world.