In 2003, my house burned down. Not just a room, the whole house literally razed to the ground. 

I was a 25 year old single mum and I was scraping by. That was without doubt one of the worst days of my life. 

I stood outside my home and watched a stream of firemen coming in and out of the property. A crowd had gathered in the street to watch the drama unfold. The flames that had blown the top windows out were now under control and the firemen were throwing debris onto the street below to prevent any smouldering embers from reigniting the flames. Now they were in my bedroom. I watched as my belongings were tossed out of the window and onto the pavement in front of the growing crowd. Not a lot happens around here so this was an event. 

The ultimate humiliation 

As I watched my mattress sail through the air my heart dropped. My dildo. It was on the floor under the bed. What if they threw it onto the road in front of all these spectators? My neighbours? My friends? 

Suddenly the fact that I was homeless and penniless paled into insignificance at the thought of my humiliation at the hands of Anne Summers. 

I was paralysed on the pavement. A fireman stood beside me, “Please tell me you’ve got insurance” I did as he asked and said “I’ve got insurance”. I did not have insurance. And I certainly didn’t have insurance on my dignity. I lived in a small village, where entertainment was provided by the private and social missteps of its residents and people were toasted for years over their previous faux pas. 

Finally the unloading of my life onto the street stopped and to my immense relief the vibrator had not made an appearance. One must look for silver linings in every situation. 

She’s alive!

About a week later we returned to the house to begin the process of clearing up. We filled bag after bag with rubble. I heard a gasp as my friend Matthew pulled something pale, dusty and pink and held it aloft (much like He- Man holds aloft the Sword of Grayskull and announces he has the power) We watched in awe and Matthew twisted the base and the vibrator whirred to life “IT LIVES” he shouted. 

Lessons learned 

Of course it’s easy to laugh about it years later. It was a pivotal moment in my life and without it I doubt I would have the mental strength and resilience it takes to run my own business solo. It also showed me that sometimes the worst does happen and you survive. Because you are stronger and braver than your fears. Sometimes you fear the worst and it doesn’t happen at all. There’s also a lesson in there somewhere about making sure you keep up your house insurance payments but hey ho. You live and learn. 

You don’t need to be confident, you need to be brave 

Fear of what might happen holds us back. One of my core values from the very first day of my business is that I’m okay, I am good enough. I am perfectly okay as I am to run my business and I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not in order to be successful. 

I spent fifteen years in corporate trying to be the quiet, conservative, acceptable person they wanted me to be. I wasn’t allowed to be myself. That stopped the day I started Up Write. 

My mission is to help entrepreneurs show up and attract their ideal clients as themselves. You can be yourself and be wildly successful. You don’t have to choose one or the other. I help business owners feel comfortable and confident in how they market themselves. Helping them reach their ideal clients, sell out their offers and create a business that is a true reflection of who they are. 

If you want a bit of this get in touch. I’d love to show you how you can do business as you and love every minute.