I started my business the same year I ran 3 marathons. In 2018 I ran the Brighton marathon, two weeks later I ran the Newport Marathon then in October that year I finished Snowdon Marathon (arguably Europe’s hardest marathon). 

6 months after doing Snowdon I couldn’t walk 500 yards. A back injury meant my activity levels dropped to nothing and my diet went to shit. The difference between my health when I was running and my health now couldn’t be bigger. 

I was obsessed with running.  Then my obsession became my business.  

Everything was about the business. 


A perfect storm 

October 2018. Back injury .Ignored my health. Kept going 

June 2019. Rising stress levels, quickly gaining weight and poor sleep. Ignored my health. Kept going

October 2020. Gallbladder infection, in and out at the GP’s with antibiotics. Ignored my health. Kept going. 

January 2021. £5k launch of brand new Mastermind. Hospitalised with another, more severe gallbladder infection. 

How much of a wake up call do you need?

Anyone who is self employed knows the terror of not being able to work. When I was admitted to hospital I had just done a huge launch and I was really excited about what was going to be a groundbreaking membership offer. It was all good to go.  After promoting it for a month we were due to start on Monday 11th January. I was taken into the hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning, the day before the big start.  

In a fog of pain all I could think was “FUCK! What am I going to do about my mastermind?”

What if they all leave? 

What if they get pissed off? 

I was mortified. Upset. Frantic. And ill. 

When I started my business in 2018 one of the first things I did was to join a self care membership community. The community nurtured and supported me as I grew my business. In December 2020 I thought I didn’t need it anymore and I left. 

Hindsight is a powerful thing. If I had actually followed the advice I was being given in that group and listened to what they were trying to teach me I probably wouldn’t have ended up in hospital. 

I thought working more and working harder was the answer. The truth was I was burnt out and overwhelmed and you can’t work your way out of overwhelm. 

Burnout is real. 

It robs you of your sleep. Your health. Your energy and your joy. You may feel like you’re hustling and doing an amazing job of growing that dream 6 figure business but if you can’t switch off because your brain is buzzing with work, you’re kidding yourself. 

Working yourself into the ground isn’t success. It’s not sustainable and it’s not safe. 

I feel like a massive shift has been happening over the last 6 weeks and my self care coach Michelle Graham has the most consistent force in it. 

Despite leaving the group, Michelle was a force to be reckoned with while I launched. Checking in with me everyday to make sure I was looking after myself. I wasn’t, but not for lack of being constantly reminded by Michelle. 

I want to acknowledge the support she’s given me in a way that befits how profound it’s been. 

Michelle took care of me while I was launching and protected me when I was in hospital. She offered to step into my business and take it over so I could recover and I knew that she meant it and that there were no strings attached. 

I realised that I had attracted the cream of the crop both in terms of clients and my coach. 

Everybody who had joined the Mastermind was supportive, understanding and patient. They knew that I would deliver what I’d promised when I was well enough to do it and Michelle gave me the time and the space I needed to recover. 

I am on the road to recovery and finally looking after myself properly and as promised the Mastermind is up and running and giving loads of value to the people in it. 

I was asked by the Mastermind how often you should post on social media. My answer has been the same since I started by business but I’m finally going to start taking my own medicine.

Your business nor your marketing should come at the expense of your health. 

I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake with this but I can tell you this, I won’t be hustling my way through 2021.  

What’s the point of this post? Well it’s two fold. 

First of all I want to say to Michelle, I get it now. Finally after two years, I get it. Thank you for having my back and for being my coach and my friend. 

Secondly if you’re looking for a social media marketing coach who is going to tell you to post five times a day on every single social media platform that’s not me. 

Your marketing, your entire business has to be sustainable. Nothing you do should come at the expense of your health, physical or mental. 

If you feel like you’ve lost the balance or you may be on the road to burnout, Simply Sisterhood is an online self care community for women who want to take better care of themselves and reach their full potential without sacrificing their health. 

Finally, I’m a social media marketer with a soul and a bigger purpose. I was speaking to a client recently and she said “the life I want for my clients is the life I want for myself”. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want my clients to run themselves into the ground marketing desperately and relentlessly on social media so I won’t do it myself. I want my clients to have a business that supports their goals and their health not become something they are a prisoner to.  

It’s my mission to help you make your marketing easy, sustainable and effective.