If you’ve landed on this blog you don’t need me to tell you how important blogging is.  You probably also don’t need me to tell you how good it is for your website, your traffic and your SEO.  You already know that websites with blogs get waaaaaaay more leads than those without. You know that blogging is part of a robust strategy for businesses who take marketing seriously and want to build on what you’ve already achieved throughout 2021.  

So if you know all this, what DO you need to know? In this blog I”m going to try and answer your questions about getting started with a blog and making it a manageable activity that you can sustain. If blogging isn’t something you can do consistently then it’s not going to have the impact you want it to. So how do you blog successfully for business? 

You need to know what to write about.  You are probably one of the hundreds of business owners who hits a brick wall when it comes to deciding what to write about.  Either that or you have SO many ideas you don’t know where to start. 

Don’t overcomplicate it.  Your blog doesn’t need to win prizes for literature.  It needs to be practical, informative and mildly entertaining if you can manage it.  Share your thoughts, your opinions and your expertise. 

The most read blogs are the ones that help people do stuff, the guides and the “how to’s”.  Blogs that resonate with how people are feeling and make them feel seen and validated bring clients who share your values into your world. 

If you’re stuck with where to start answer these two simple questions; 

  • What questions do I get asked often 
  • What problems do I solve for my ideal clients 

If you have a million ideas – just pick one. Whatever message you decide to go with, it’s the right time for someone to hear it. 

How long should a blog be? How long is a piece of a string. Many entrepreneurs are trying so hard to do everything perfectly they don’t do anything at all because they’re overwhelmed. We call this perfection paralysis. The answer to this is three fold. 

Firstly your blog needs to be long enough to serve its purpose.  If you’re writing a blog that’s a guide or a “how to” then answer your audience’s most important question.  A blog is not a super long advert.  It’s designed to give your audience some information, knowledge or answers they didn’t previously have.   

Secondly your blog needs to be short enough to hold your readers attention.  It’s a blog not a book.  You don’t have to give them EVERYTHING you know.  Pick one question or one problem and solve that.  

Finally, if you’re putting pressure on yourself to write a 1500 word blog every week how long are you going to be able to sustain that for? Every part of your marketing strategy should be consistent, if you know you can bang out an 800 word blog every week go for it.  I wouldn’t personally recommend going much shorter than that. 

SEO – oh my god.  What even is it? Where do I find keywords? Is there a box where they keep them? Is there a treasure map that I need to follow in a Goonies-esque quest to find where the keywords are hidden? If you want to become a keyword expert then there are plenty of courses and experts you can speak to.  SEO is a powerful tool when used properly BUT a blog can be found, read and successfully bring in leads without you dedicating hours to becoming an keyword master.  

Keywords are basically the search phrases that your ideal clients are typing into the google search bar.  Including those highly searched for words and phrases makes your blog rank higher in search results. 

If you have done your Ideal Client work and you know exactly what your ideal clients problems are, keywords will be appearing naturally in your writing because you will know what your audience needs you to blog about. 

How often should I be blogging? Because if I’m posting to social media five times a day and blogging every week not forgetting my daily email I’m not going to make any money right? Phew, no wonder so many entrepreneurs are burned out! The more consistent you are the more successful your blog will be.  Pick a frequency and stick to it.  

Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly – how often you blog depends on how much you have to say and how much time you have to dedicate to it.  Try and take on too much and you’ll end blogging once in a blue moon which is probably pointless. Monthly is my preferred option. 

How do I get leads from blogs? This one is easy. If you want people to get in touch with you about your services once they’ve read your blog give them one simple instruction. What’s the next step? Content without a call to action is like giving directions to nowhere.  

Blogging is a great way to brain dump your thoughts.  If you’re the type of person who gets all their best ideas as they’re falling asleep or who struggles to switch off because they’re so obsessed with their business (me) blogging is an exercise in purging busy minds. Get your thoughts out in one big messy dump, then later you can come back and organise it into something that makes sense.  

If you take one thing away from this article it’s that the best blogs are the ones that have actually been written. 

You don’t need to write the perfect blog. You need to write the blog.  


Your next step 

If you need help getting started with blogging, Blogbusters is a 5 day online blogging course for business owners.  

It’s a sprint training delivered over five days in a private facebook group.  There is a downloadable workbook and an accompanying video lesson each morning. Each afternoon I’ll be going live in the group to go over the lesson and answer any questions you may have.  

Included in the workbook is a blog template so you’ll be able to start creating blogs straight away.  

I’m running this course over February half term in the hope that homeschoolers will have a bit of extra brain space and you will probably need about an hour a day for five days to complete this course.  

You get lifetime access to the group and the materials and once you’re in you get to do the course every time I run it at no extra cost, so you get as many refreshers as you need.  The best bit? It’s only £99! I’m not going to give you any spiel about how it’ll never be this cheap again because I’ve decided to keep the price under a hundred forever. 

If now is the right time for you to start your blog and if all the planets are aligned and February half term is clear for you, what are you waiting for? 

If you want to sign up or for more information about what the course covers give me a shout at clair@upwriteonline.co.uk