I unfollowed a couple of millionaires this week. People who I previously found inspirational had  become a symbol for everything I was doing wrong in my business. 

Follow the leader

I was blindly following them because I thought they knew the way. I thought I wanted to travel the same road and get to the same destination.  Turns out my path is going in a different direction. 

“I’m a six figure business owner” I kept hearing this over and over again. Like a chant that got louder and louder all over Facebook and LinkedIn, you couldn’t get away from it. 

I fully accept that I have money blocks and I’m not hating on these successful women. I love that they have created their dream lives and these amazing businesses. They are blazing a trail for others to follow.  

Where I fell down was that I took someone else’s goals and dreams and made them my own. 

When is enough finally enough?

I have big dreams. I want to buy land. I want to build my own house. I want holidays and nice things. I also want my health and my well-being. I was so focussed on chasing someone else’s version of success that I couldn’t stop and see the success I’ve created in my own life. 

I started running my business from a place of fear, lack and scarcity. I made decisions based on what I didn’t have instead of what I could offer. 

That’s not how I want to live my life or run my business. I want to be able to not work. I want to be able to sleep well. I want to be able to enjoy what I’ve created right now instead of always waiting until I’ve got to where I was to be. How long could I end up waiting? 

They say diamonds are formed under incredible pressure, if that’s true I’m happy to be a cubic zirconia 

So back to the millionaires I unfollowed. I think it’s great to have an aspiration. I think you need to surround yourself with people who are a few steps ahead. But when you start rushing, comparing, feeling inadequate, putting pressure on yourself to go faster and work harder to keep up with these people it’s time to check in with yourself. 

I’d love to have a 6 figure business but not at the cost of my peace of mind. Not if it robs me of my sleep or my down time. I’ll get there, but it takes as long as it takes and the business I have now is pretty spectacular. 

More money, less dick swinging 

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