It can be demoralising to write post after post and get no engagement. It’s like throwing a party and nobody turning up.  At best it’s frustrating and at worst it’s embarrassing. It can make blogging feel like an exercise in futility. Does the lack of engagement on your blog make you feel like you’re standing on stage speaking to a non existent crowd? Well, you’re not your own but here’s why you shouldn’t care.
1. Why Are You Blogging?
What is the goal of your blog? Is it to build your credibility, drive traffic to your website, build a passive relationship with your prospective clients or is it to get lots of comments? Stay focused on the long-term strategic goals of your blog and don’t get caught up on the performance of each and every post.
2. It’s Not Me, It’s You
Are you talking about things your audience is interested in?  Someone said to me recently “your marketing is not about you, it’s about me” and to a certain extent there’s some truth in that.  Are you providing the information your audience is looking for. Ask your community what they would like to know more about, what their passions are and what worries them  Write for your audience.
3. Some People Lurk

How many blogs or posts have you commented on? It doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy them, find them interesting or engaging maybe you just didn’t have the time to comment or maybe you just couldn’t be bothered.

4. Sometimes People Just Don’t Have Anything To Say

Did you ask a question? Were you a bit controversial? Did your blog have any emotional triggers or was it an informative piece? Did you ask for comments? Maybe you said everything and there was nothing left for anyone to add? Just because people didn’t tell you they enjoyed it or found it useful doesn’t mean they didn’t. It just means they didn’t tell you.
Quite often readers don’t want to be the first to comment.  Like turning up first to a party. Nobody wants to be that person. Likewise, if there are loads of comments some might feel it’s not worth adding their voice to the noise because they don’t think they will be heard.
5. Are You Promoting Your Blog Enough?

You wrote a blog and you shared it on your Facebook page. Big whoop. That’s not really promoting it is it? Find communities who are interested in what you are talking about and signpost them to your blog. Make your blog part of your overall social media strategy and refer to it consistently.  Share the link to your blog on every social media platform you have. Get it out there. Even if you feel like you’ve done everything to promote your blog, you probably haven’t.

6. Are You Blogging Regularly Or Are You Hit And Miss?

When you blog regularly you increase the traction on it.  Blogging is like exercise or healthy eating. You don’t get the rewards after one run or one healthy meal, you don’t even get the benefits after a week.  You have to put in sustained and consistent effort to reap the rewards. You get out what you put in. The more you put out the more you get back.
If your audience aren’t used to you posting or you’ve just blogged out of the blue they are less likely to comment. They don’t know you. Over time the more they read your stuff, the more your audience will feel like they know you and the more likely they are to comment.

Yes, it’s nice to start a conversation and it’s nice to get lots of comments.  Lots of engagement can provide reassurance that people are reading and enjoying your blog but ultimately is that why you’re doing it? Are you blogging for the comments? If it’s comments and likes you’re after you don’t need to write a blog, post on Facebook.  

Similarly, comments and likes don’t mean sales. Comments don’t pay the bills. Instead of getting bogged down with the lack of engagement on your blog posts concentrate on the quality and consistency of the information you share. Keep showing up. The people who enjoy the most success are the ones who kept going and didn’t quit.
7. Comments Don’t Count
Comments on blogs have a small impact on your SEO. In order to affect your visibility and reach you’d have to have a lot of comments and those comments would have to be full of keywords.

Adding regular content has a much bigger impact on both your visibility and the relationship you build with your audience. Become a trusted reliable source of opinion and information. You might think no-one is watching and reading, they might not be, but what if they are and you just give up?
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