The Rise And Fall Of Katie Hopkins: Integrity Vs Fame

Professional Integrity Is Important To Me

The Rise And Fall Of Katie Hopkins: Integrity Vs Fame

When I decided to write for a living I had to ask myself whether I was willing to write about things I didn’t agree with and just take the money or whether my principles were more important.

Principles don’t pay the rent but I do think it’s important to consider what you send out into the world. I decided I would rather go to bed hungry than not be able to sleep because I’d contributed to the pedalling of damaging or hateful messages.  We’re only here once and I don’t want any lasting impact I have on the world to be a negative one.

Katie Hopkins, the well known controversial, self-appointed social commentator, chose fame and fortune over integrity.  It now appears, she’s paying the price. Hopkins’ divisive and outspoken views may have made her a household name but after being let go by the The Sun, the LBC radio network and most recently the Mail Online it seems that Katie’s style of public rhetoric isn’t fashionable or profitable anymore. Lets face it, if your views are too extreme for the Mail Online, that’s a pretty big red flag.

Hopkins is a source of vitriol and hatred and, in my opinion she is an active spreader of misinformation. I’m not even sure she believes some of the stuff she comes out with. It may have made her money and it may have made her famous, but at what cost? Seemingly now unemployable and facing financial ruin, Hopkins reign of hate is over.

Was it worth it? Unlikely.

I’m not for one moment suggesting that I have the platform or the immense public audience Hopkins once enjoyed, but I will not write about or be responsible for spreading negative and worthless material. I will always champion and promote constructive and positive content which provides value to the people who read it.

I am fiercely anti-Brexit but I recently wrote an article for a client about the current political situation in our country. It wasn’t untrue, the article focused on the views of those living in a particular area of the UK and how and if their views had changed in the years since the referendum. I respect the views and opinions of others but there’s a huge chasm between political differences and xenophobic views.

There is a fundamental difference between writing responsibly about things upon which you hold a view that’s different to the one held by your clients and writing harmful shit for cash. I’ll do the former, I refuse to do the latter.

If you want a writer with integrity and you didn’t think this blog post was too preachy, send me a message and let’s talk about how we can work together.